What our members say

“For my 70th birthday I decided to begin learning the cello and here I am two years later welcomed and encouraged with all my gaps and mistakes to join in with an orchestra. I would never have believed that such an opportunity could be there and I have learned so much as well as enjoying the music. Just “Thank you” to those who organise and lead it.” Peter (cello)


“I joined Skipton Community Orchestra on the recommendation of an existing member of the orchestra. She said that it was a friendly, enthusiastic group of people with a lively conductor. I’ve found it to be just so. I’ve only played in string groups before, so it’s good to experience playing with a wider range of instruments. I like the choice of music: it’s  varied and whilst I still breathe a sigh of relief when I see a classical piece in front of me, pop’s tricky syncopated rhythms are good for the soul and great when you get them right.”  Margaret (cello)


“I joined because I was told any ability to play any instrument was welcomed and found just that.
Being an older member it’s refreshing to mix with younger people and it’s also great fun being part of an orchestra.” Joan (clarinet)


“I was new to the area after living in London for years and I hoped the orchestra would be a good place to get to know some local people. It has been so much more than that. I think because it was set up by people who just wanted to play and enjoy music, the atmosphere is the equivalent of a warm hug.” Laura (French Horn)


“I got involved in Skipton Community Orchestra through Jess, who I work with. I knew she was musical and I asked her if she knew of any bands in the local area – I had just moved house – and she replied with “well actually, I conduct one!” I went along to the first rehearsal, everyone was really welcoming and friendly, and the rest is history. I love the relaxed nature of the orchestra; there’s no pressure and there’s a lot of support from everyone involved. Plus we get to play some lovely pieces (Peter and the Wolf is a particular favourite at the minute), and it is really good to switch off from daily pressures and just concentrate on making music and having fun. Oh, and the tea and biscuits are great too!” Hannah (Flute)


“I would like to say that I joined through a friend’s recommendation.   I enjoy being in the Orchestra as it gives me chance to improve myself on the violin.   We also play a diverse range of music that appeals to the general public.   We all have lots of fun and also have the chance to make new friendships. Our Conductor is also great.” Julia (violin)


“I joined the orchestra to play and meet some new people having recently (2016) moved here.  I hadn’t played the violin for a good few years so was pretty rusty!  It’s good fun and we play some great music.” Shirley (violin)


“As someone who only took up the cello six years ago at the age of 58, it is wonderful to be able to play in an orchestra that welcomes players of all ages and abilities.
I always go home feeling uplifted by the experience of playing with such a friendly group of people who love making music together.” Sue (cello)

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